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Born in Bassano del Grappa (italy) in 1967, 

Fiumix gets his diploma at Padua Artistic Lyceum

and then at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Venice.

In 1989 opens the studio 'Fiumix & Quila Tattoo' in Cittadella, near Padua.

He worked numerous tattoo conventions in Europe during the last two decades.

In 2001 the was the launch of the book 'nessuna speranza, nessuna paura' (no hope, no fear)

totally dedicated to a full body tattooed by Fiumix.


In 2013 in the book "Black Tattoo Art 2" in the chapter on the Nordic and Celtic tattoos

Always attracted by tribal cultures, he pushed his research towards the european tribal roots,

not only Celtic but mostly Venetian and pre-roman of north east Italy.

In particular from the archeological findings of tzi and the cultures of the Iron Age and Hallstat,

Fiumix gets his inspiration which he translates into tattoos with his very personal style.




Kila was Born in 1966 in Treviso ( Italy). 

After her studies at Artistic Lyceum

she started studying at

Belle Arti's Accademy


In 1989 she began her work as a tattooer

with classical issues

but her needs to live this practice in a different way, 

expecially the relation between tattooer

and the person who wants a tattoo

and the believing that tattoo's art is not only esthetical, leaded her to find new ways.

She found her way in manual and acient 

tattoo's practice leaving behind the modern techniques and electrical instruments.

This is the main reason wich encouraged

her to base all her work on her own acient territory's 

culture but keeping her mind open to the influences

and artistic's suggestions from other acient civilizations' 

images and beliefs.