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Another example of this practice might be offered by the artifact

 found Palestrina called "the ivory arm", featuring carved 

animals. The interesting thing is that these carvings appear 

upside down to somebody's looking directly at the sculpture 

but, if you shift the perspective - as if the arm is yours - they’ll 

appear correctly. This means that those drawings were meant to 

be tattooed.


There have also been found several tattoo-related Venetken 

manufactures like needles, combs and a beautiful iron sheet 

with carved geometrical lines and symbols.


In conclusion, it's certain that tattooing was widespread all over 

Europe in very ancient times. It was part of the artistic and social 

culture of the civilizations who lived in these territories , but 

also a fundamental part of everyday life useful to remember 

their origina and ethnical bonds .




Ventkens' people lived between 1000 A.C. and the first years after Christ, in a geographical area  between the Italian river Po' and Danube.

They had a proper language and alphabet called  venetic based on letters wich could vary a little from one area to another. The living aereas were mainly in the cities of Padova, Este and Vicenza. Unfortunately this beautiful language has not been translated yet but there are many witnesses about it in archeological manufactures.

The most important religious rituals were the funerals ,as for all the acient people. After the necessary bodies'  cremation, ashes were put in proper urns called situlae, enriched with decorations about past life of the dead, about evryday life and gods' stories.

In addition to this, venetkens were masters in amber manufactures, wich came from baltic sea, and horses' breeders. For this reason Greeks used to call them "Venetkens with beautiful horses".

So horse was very important in venetkens' culture and simbolized prestige, wealth, beauty and agility. Horses were heroes' and gods' pets so they were consired prestigious and important.

This beautiful civilization lived in  swamps' territory full of rivers and water and for this they had a very thight bond with it so most of their gods were  connected with rivers and lakes.